Smile makeover

Everyone wants to have a nice smile. People with attractive teeth tend to exhibit increased confidence and smile more frequently. Having a beautiful smile often gives the impression of youthfulness and good health.

The field of cosmetic dentistry offers a multitude of options for improving the appearance and function of our teeth, jaws, and face.

Cosmetic dentistry services include:

How can we help you achieve a more beautiful smile?

Regardless of the cosmetic dental procedure you choose, it is crucial to fully understand the details and to have open communication with your dentist about your goals and expectations before making a decision.

In the event that a comprehensive prosthetic reconstruction involving multiple teeth is necessary, your dentist will conduct a thorough clinical examination, capturing photographs of your face and teeth, and creating an intraoral 3D image.

Based on the evaluation and your personal preferences, the dentist will develop a customized treatment plan that best suits your needs. The treatment plan will be presented to you using a 3D digital model and a photo simulation of the expected final outcome.

Upon your approval of the plan, the dentist will create temporary prosthetic appliances. Once you are satisfied with the final outcome, the dentist will proceed with the fabrication of the permanent prosthetic device. By giving you the chance to preview your final look, you will have a clear understanding of the final outcome, and the dentist will have all the necessary information to complete the procedure successfully.
Once the teeth preparation and 3D scanning have been completed, the dentist will evaluate the final prosthetic product and make any necessary color and shape adjustments during a follow-up visit. The final product will be finished in the laboratory, and once completed, it will be securely attached to your teeth.

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