Teeth whitening

Teeth become darker over the years due to changes in the mineral structure.

Dyes from food, drink and tobacco also contribute significantly to this process. Certain medications (e.g. tetracyclines), amalgam fillings and an increased intake of fluoride in the body are also known to change the color of teeth. The perception of tooth color is additionally influenced by skin tone.

Tooth color can be restored to a certain extent by whitening.

Whitening is a procedure that safely brightens the color of your teeth. The whitening effect lasts up to five years and depends mainly on your lifestyle.

For maximum safety, the procedure should be performed under the supervision of a dentist.

Teeth whitening is effective in around 90 percent of patients. The greatest success is seen on teeth that have darkened due to age, drinking coffee or tea and smoking.

The teeth are three to eight shades lighter after whitening. The degree of whitening cannot be predicted in advance, as it depends on various factors. Yellow, brown or orange-colored teeth respond better to whitening than teeth with gray stains caused by drugs (tetracyclines, fluorosis), which means that the results on the latter may not be as pronounced.

Whitening only brightens the teeth, but not the artificial materials that make up the fillings and crowns, so we generally recommend replacing them after whitening.

Numerous studies have shown that teeth whitening under the supervision of a dentist is safe and effective.

Some people may experience slight inflammation of the gums and tooth sensitivity during whitening, which quickly dissipates after the treatment.

At the Dentavital Oral Health Centre, we offer

  • teeth whitening at the clinic and
  • teeth whitening at home.


When performing the procedure at the clinic, we use higher concentrations of the whitening agent, which is why it is performed under the supervision of a dentist.

A single visit is required for the procedure with the main advantage being its immediate effect.

After the procedure, mild temporary sensitivity of the teeth and gums may occur for a few days.


When whitening teeth at home, we provide a lower concentration of the whitening agent. We first generate an optical image of your teeth in the office and then, based on the image, create special customized whitening trays. At home, the patient applies the whitening agent to the trays according to the dentist’s recommendations and instructions.

The method is completely safe, does not damage the teeth, and the trays can be reused.

Whitening results are fast and can be visually observed in just a few days.

Mild transient sensitivity of the teeth and gums may occur during the whitening period and after the end of the treatment.

Teeth whitening – pricelist

The prices listed in the pricelist are for informational purposes only.
The final price will be determined after a thorough clinical examination and discussion with the patient. If you are interested in teeth whitening, you are kindly invited to book an appointment at our dental clinic.

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