Tooth Whitening

Teeth get darker with time. The cause of darkening are changes in the mineral structure of the tooth. Dyes from food and beverages and tobacco contribute to this as well. Certain medicines (e. g. tetracyclines), amalgam filler environment and increased fluoride intake of the body can also cause staining of the teeth. The colour of the skin also affects the perception of the colour of the teeth. Because white teeth are a symbol of health and youth, many people want brighter teeth.

Whitening safely brightens your teeth and the effect is visible for up to five years, depending on your habits. The safest way to whiten teeth is under the supervision of a dentist. In general, whitening is effective in 90% of patients and especially on the teeth that have darkened from age, coffee, tea or smoking. Yellow, brown or orange-coloured teeth respond better to bleaching than grey stains (tetracyclines, fluorose), so the results are not as obvious in these stains.

After the whitening, the teeth are 3-8 shades lighter on the coloured tooth scale. Unfortunately, we cannot predict how many shades brighter the teeth will actually be before the procedure. Whitening only brightens the teeth and not the artificial materials of fillings and crowns so it is necessary to replace them after the whitening. A number of studies over the past five years have shown that tooth whitening is safe and effective. Some patients may experience some gum inflammation and sensitivity of the teeth during the whitening, which disappears rapidly after the procedure.

We offer 2 different tooth whitening methods to patients:

In-office whitening

During in-office whitening, we use higher concentrations of the bleaching agent, so it is carried out under the supervision of a dentist or an oral hygienist. The procedure is usually carried out in 1 session and the advantage of this type of whitening is its immediate effect. After the procedure, a minor sensitivity of the teeth and gums can develop over the next few days.

Tray whitening

With tray whitening, a lower concentration of the bleaching agent is used. We make an imprint of the teeth and create special individual bleaching trays to which the patient applies the bleaching agent according to the recommendations and instructions of the dentist. This method is completely safe, does not damage the teeth and the trays can be reused. The results of the whitening are fast and show up within a few days. During the whitening and after the procedure, mild transient sensitivity of the teeth and gums may occur.

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