Dental implants

A dental implant is »an artificial tooth root« inserted by the therapist into the jaw. During the healing process, the implant integrates with the live bone and creates a solid base on which a crown, a bridge or a denture can be attached. The success of the procedure is highly reliable (97%) and is an excellent choice for the replacement of teeth in people with good oral hygiene.

Why dental implants?

  • Dental implants maintain teeth and oral health as they do not need additional teeth preparation.
  • When inserted into the bone they prevent bone loss and gum recession both of which occur after tooth extraction and with denture wear.
  • With dental implants we can replace a missing tooth without drilling and preparing of neighbouring teeth.
  • When several teeth need replacing an implant bridge can be made and dentures can be avoided.
  • Dental implants serve as an anchor for a denture in edentulous patiens. They improve functionality, comfort and self-esteem.

Implants preserve the teeth and maintain oral health, as they do not require additional tooth-grinding.

What are the treatment possibilities?

Implantological treatment is always individual and adapted to the patient; however, the implant system can be divided into two types: 

The crown on both systems is always full-ceramic, they differ only in the part that is in the bone.

In Dentavital, we use Straumann and Z-Systems implant systems, which are of the very top quality.

Why choose us for your implant treatment?

  • Extensive exprerience in the field of implantology.
  • Exceptionally high success rate in treating the most challenging cases.
  • We use the top-end implant systems Straumann and Z-Systems
  • We are using the latest technology and modern techniques.
  • We are thorough in treatment planning and use the most advanced digital treatment planning software for precise and atraumatic treatment.
  • Each patient has unique treatment needs and we always make sure that all procedures are painless and with as short recovery period as possible.
  • We offer state of the art treatment at affordable rates.

What is the cost of the implant treatment?

Each patient needs a unique treatment and it is only after a thorough clinical examination that we can assess the suitability of the treatment along with the cost of the treatment. These are the estimated prices:

Treatment Cost
Titanium implant insertion (Straumann) 850€
Ceramic implant insertion (Z-Systems) 1300€
Titanium implant insertion (Straumann) + full-ceramic crown 1400€
Ceramic implant insertion (Z-Systems) + full-ceramic crown 1750€
Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) from 300€
Sinus lift from 300€
ALL-ON-4 surgical part from 3700€
ALL-ON-4 surgery + prosthodontics from 6300€


An example of a tooth replacement using an implant versus a replacement with a bridge:


An example of an implant bridge:



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